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Adding a Jekyll Blog Entry

This is basically a note-to-self as I do this infrequently and keep forgetting!

Post Template

This is required at the top of each page

layout:            post
title:             "Adding a Jekyll Blog Entry"
menutitle:         "Adding a Jekyll Blog Entry"
date:              2016-10-23 06:31:00 +0100
tags:              Adding Jekyll Blog Entry
category:          Website
author:            am
published:         true
redirect_from:     "/adding-new-posts/"
language:          EN
comments:          true

Setting published: false will hide the post from public view. The date determines the order of the posts in the blog. Future dates will not show on the landing page.


Navigate to the website directory. I installed ruby through the Ruby Version Manager (RVM). I don’t think I did it correctly as I need to run the following each time a new terminal is opened

rvm get head
bundle install

The website can then be previewed by entering the following in the terminal

bundle exec jekyll serve

Commit and Push the changes to finalise.